So what is this GradMail thing?

August 27th, 2009

What is GradMail?

Let me explain this as simple as possible.  Let’s say you are a UGA grad and your current personal email address is  By signing up for GradMail, you get your own email alias which would be  How cool is that?  You do not have to login to GradMail to check it.

All mail to is automatically forwarded to your account or any other email address you might have.  You would then starting giving everyone your address.  The great thing about this is that should you ever change your primary email address to something other than yahoo, say gmail for example, you just update GradMail to forward to your new address.  If you get a new job with a new email address, no problem. People can still find you. If you change your ISP, just change the email address that GradMail points to. This gives you an email alias you will always have, regardless of where your actual email account resides.  Kind of like a virtual contact point.  And this is all FREE.

GradMail is giving away iPhones to subscribers, so you could win one.  One of my friends actually did win a 3GS, which prompted me to get onboard.  After you sign up, you need to get as many friends as possible to do the same.  Give them your referral code.  That increases your chances of winning.

Signup now by doing this link.

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